Oil & Gas Industry

The petroleum industry is also called as the oil industry or the oil patch. This includes the global processes of extraction, exploration, refining, and transporting of oil. The transportation of the oil is done via oil tankers and pipelines. In addition to this, the marketing of petroleum products is also an important part of the work. The largest volume products that are used within the industry are fuel oil and gasoline that is also known as petrol. Without any doubt, there is a large number of oil and gas vacancies due to the expanding market. for this purpose our company provide Oil & Gas Recruitment Services.

Oil & Gas Industry Recruitment Services

Note that petroleum or oil is also used as a raw material for the majority of the chemical products that include pharmaceuticals, fragrances, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic, and plastics. It is interesting to note that due to the extraordinary value of the oil and its products, it is also called as the black gold. The oil and gas industry are divided into three major components that include midstream, upstream, and downstream.

Petroleum is also helping many other industries and it is essential for the maintenance of industrial civilization in the present scenario. Furthermore, it is one of the important concerns for many nations. It is a fact that oil accounts for a great percentage of the world’s energy consumption. To tackle all this, oil and gas engineers are playing an important role in the development and expansion of this industry. Note that the GCC region is having 29.6% of oil and gas reserves from the World’s total. We provide Oil & Gas industry recruitment services in different countries.

Oil & Gas Industry Recruitment Services - Human Resource Management

Why Choose Arabeto Manpower?

This clearly shows us the demand for jobs in petroleum industry jobs. The number will be great and there is a lot of opportunities across different gulf countries. Keeping the demand in mind, Arabeto Manpower is taking full responsibility to provide experienced and skilled workers for the oil and gas industry recruitment services. The company is fully aware of the client’s requirement and deliver the right candidates according to the requirements. During our recruitment process, our professional and experienced recruitment agents ensure that the individual selected for the post is fulfilling all the requirements listed in the job description.